It’s been a while since my last blogpost and in a meantime I managed to get half way through my picture book. My protagonist Ona is already in a black hole and is trying to find the way out as well as get back her alpaca toy Kao, who had been kidnapped by naughty alien creatures! Well, happy days!
Here are some of the latest sketches for the alien design. Can you guess which ones are gonna make it to the final book?
By the way, have you heard the recent news? Gravitational waves, baby! It is such an exciting time to be working on a space-themed picture book. Science made a big announcment a couple weeks ago – they have managed to capture gravitational waves between two merging black holes. Apparently, gravitational waves are one of the cornerstones of the relativity theory, so our beloved Albert must be so proud of us up there! One thing for sure – my picture book has little to do with the actual science, though, I hope it will inspire children to learn more about space and black holes, which I am a hearty fan of myself!
While working on a picture book about the black hole, I have found out that black holes are actually not that black – instead they are rather dark blue. Also, they have some weird native creatures in them. And another thing – there are black holes within black holes, how cool is that? Black holes are very neat and tidy things – they like to sort everything that gets sucked in and have a special tunnel for all kinds of things, from stardust, to planets, to children. Yes, Ona escapes ones of these by a mere luck! I could keep going with my descriptive bragging, however, a picture paints a thousand words, so here is some line work for the actual double-page spread.



While writing this post I realised that I drew all the aliens naked for the final spreads of the book, although I think they look so much more interesting in their space outfits. So glad I remembered to have a peek at the sketches so I can edit the pieces before it’s too late and before it haunts me forever!

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