So I got myself a new drawing tablet a month ago or so and I just realised I stopped drawing on paper the day I got it, since I could from then on draw directly on a screen. And before, while I was waiting on a tablet to arrive, I bought myself a bunch of art materials so I could experiment more with traditional media. I even bought a fancy watercolour set, which now has not been used for over a month and it’s a shame. Furthermore, since graduationg from art school I stopped doing observational drawings, I don’t even keep a separate sketchbook for that purpose anymore and it’s rather frightening. I think what is vital to keep myself skilled and improving is to constantly draw and project objects and scenes on  a paper.

The worst thing about not drawing every day is that it gets worse. While not drawing enough, you get clumsy and then it’s clearly visible in a drawing you do after a longer break, which is discouraging to continue and if you don’t break through the anxiety of not being good enough, then you’ll draw less and less. It’s what I used to do during the summer break in between art school years. I would cut myself off of illustration stuff altogether to have a rest. Taking a break from drawing every day is fine, unless is a three month break. Not drawing for a quarter and suddenly finding myself at a life drawing class can be a nightmare. It’s like I’ve lost all the drawing skills I had and that flamboyant nude looks like a juicy blob figure in my sketchbook. Not ideal, but frankly, mandatory life drawing classes would take place every week of the semester so there would be no other choice but to suffer my way through the anxiety of blob figures and gradually make them look more like my degree would depend on the accuracy of their anatomy in my drawings.

Now, I haven’t had to do a single mandatory drawing since half a year ago and there arw no life drawing classes to attend since I left Scotland. It’s all up to me. So I stopped drawing from observation, because seemingly, I’m not forced too anymore. And it’s winter, so it’s too cold to go outside. But hey, I’m not a fan of landscapes anyway, I’m a coffee shop snob, lurking in the furthest corner with my flat white stalking on people doomed to look distorted and disproportional in my sketchbook without even knowing.

I made this drawing of my dog Tesla the other day. It was a drawing from a reference, a photo I myself took of him while on a stroll. It’s not an observational drawing but it’s good in giving me confidence to carry on and draw the crap out of that chunky bouquet of pencils I have collected over the last year. Now, that I’ve almost finished rebranding myself, I think is a good time to wake up of my hibernation and go out to draw again. I just really feel like doing it today even. I’ll let you know if it worked out!


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